Getting the Job You Want – 一亩三分地第一个英文版的美国就业总结



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How to get the job you want? A lot of people consider it as a truly hard and complex question. As a freshman on the job markets with zero working experience, I used to be one of them. However, after eleven-month real-world practices, I suddenly realized that the answer is actually quite short, just “be match”.

When people are talking about “match”, there should be two parties at least. In the case of job hunting, two sides would be you and those available positions on the market. Please allow me to make a simply assumption here that you are one job seeker, like me, who has no actual power to influent the number of availed openings in any particular company. In this case, the most controllable part through the whole job hunting process will be we. We couldn’t force the company to create a position for you. So we’d better to adjust ourselves to find a good fit.

Nowadays, the competition on the job market is more intense than it’s ever been before. Thousands of students graduate from colleges with shining bachelors, masters or PHD degrees. You might blame your failure on all those massive layoff news, continuous high unemployment rate and bleak economic environment. However, at the same time, another piece of news has been continuous mentioned for a long time: HR is still having a truly hard time to hire proper candidates. The responsibility of a HR just likes that of a matchmaker. They fail because either you don’t show the qualifications required by this position, or you don’t think this position is suitable for you. All those interviews are designed to make sure that the company has enough time to evaluate your experience and interests. Meanwhile, you would have opportunities to convince them that you perfectly match to the target position. All about “match”.

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