Data Science Ninja – Course 1: Analytics / Product Sense

Data Science Ninja – Course 1:
Analytics / Product Sense

Introductory to intermediate

About the course
In this course we focus on teaching practical problem solving skills, toolkits and frameworks typically used by data scientists in tech companies. We cover topics such as problem framing, defining metrics for the business problem at hand, conducting analysis to uncover business insights. We demonstrate with use cases and connect them to the textbook knowledge taught in school.

By working through 40+ real life industry examples in leading tech companies, students will walk away with a wide range of toolkit to analytically solve vaguely defined business problems in real life.

Examples covered in the course include but are not limited to:

  • Design and evaluate “Where did I park” function in Google Maps
  • Decide whether or not to build a new product “Prime Now” that delivers within two hours
  • Evaluate “Adding your friends’ liked video in Facebook timeline”
  • Evaluate effectiveness of company newsletter promotion, and optimize email schedule
  • Measure and optimize Pinterest newsfeed diversity
  • Design a dashboard for Linkedin Career product
  • Measure and Improve Uber ETA (estimated time to arrival)


Week 1: Overview, Framing & Setup
Week 2: Metrics Framework
Week 3: Analysis: Choosing the right hammer
Week 4: Putting it all together

College level statistics and probability

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